CAT4300 – C15 & C18 Acert Caterpillar off highway engines – Performance Module
C15 & C18 Acert


Off Highway Engines

Part # CAT4300


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  • UP to 20% Fuel Savings. 
  • - Save .50 Cents a Gallon.
  • 30% Horse Power Gain ! ( dyno )
  • - Stock / 15% / 30%
  • Torque is Double HP Gain! 
  • - Lets You Move Loads Safer.
  • Low Exhaust Gas Temps. 
  • - Cooler Engine / Longer Engine Life.
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The CAT4300 Performance Module fits C15 & C18 Acert Caterpillar off highway engines. This diesel performance module is designed for fuel economy with up to 30% increase in hp and fuel savings up to 10%-20%. Adjustable from your electronic device via our Ag Diesel Solutions Bluetooth Connect App or the included mechanical switch. You can change your settings from stock, +15% & +30% hp. The module doesn’t flash the ECM, instead it receives the data from the ECM, optimizes the signal to the engine improving the fuel efficiency and power. These savings ensure a quick return on investment so you can enjoy greater efficiency and less cost. Plug-and-play connectivity means there’s no need to cut, splice or modify engine wiring. All Ag Diesel Solutions modules are Made in the U.S.A. 

10 Minute Install - UP TO 30% HP - UP TO 20% Fuel Savings !


CAT4300 – C15 & C18 Acert Caterpillar off highway engines – Performance Module