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New Throttle Master Products by Agriculture Diesel Solutions. Throttle Master Increasses Reponse and Drivability. Throttle Master is Fully Adjustable and Customizable.
Throttle Master

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 This throttle control module is designed to increase your throttle response & drivability. Fully adjustable & customizable with our Throttle Master Bluetooth app. Complete with 5 settings; economy, stock, street performance, race with fine tuning adjustments within each setting. The Economy setting reduces throttle sensitivity to help save fuel. Stock will take it back to your vehicles normal settings. The street setting slightly increases throttle response for daily driving. Performance will increase the throttle response for best drivability. And the race setting is the max increased throttle response for best performance. In addition, this Throttle Master is equipped with two special modes: Valet & Security. Valet limits the throttle to a certain throttle position. And security mode disables the throttle pedal so the car cannot be driven. This throttle control module is plug and play and simple to install yourself.

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