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Throttle Controller
Cummins - Pickups
Cummins - Motorhome / RV / Semi / Ford F-650 / F-750
RV - Motorhome
Extension Wire - 40 FT
3 Positon Switch or /
4 Position Switch
Duramax - Pickup
Powerstroke - 6.7L / 6.4L / 6.0L / 3.0L
Powerstroke - 7.3L Manual Transmission
Powerstroke - 7.3L Automatic Transmission
22540 2021 2021 EcoBoost Ford 2.7L, 3.5L
22530 2017 2020 EcoBoost Ford 2.7L, 3.5L
22510 2015 2016 EcoBoost Ford 3.5L
22520 2015 2016 EcoBoost Ford 2.7L
56510 2015 2001 EcoBoost Ford 3.5L Van
22500 2011 2014 EcoBoost Ford 3.5L

CAT - Motorhome / RV / Semi / Pickup
33000 1992 2004 Detroit 11.1L, 12.7L, 14.0L DDEC III, IV
33100 2004 2007 Detroit 14.0L DDEC V

30000 1993 1997 Mack E7
33100 1997 2006 Mack 12.0L
35000 2007 2014 Mack D11, D12, D13, D16 Volvo
35000 2009 2014 Mack MP7, MP8, MP10 Mack

14000 2001 2006 Mercedes 2.7L, 3.2L
14100 2007 2012 Mercedes 3.0L
15000 1999 2006 Mercedes 6.4L, 7.2L MBE 900
34000 2001 2006 Mercedes 12.8L Non-DPF
15100 2007 2009 Mercedes 7.2L 926 With DPF

23000 2016 2019 Nissan 5.0L Cummins

36130 2012 2016 Paccar MX13

15200 2010 2016 Hino 7.7L J08E-VC

AG - Agriculture
John Deere
YM1604 John Deere 1.6L Yanmar Tier IV Interim
YM3304 John Deere 3.3L  Tier IV Final
DE8045 John Deere 4.5L  DE Pump Tier II
JDCR2000 John Deere 4.5L, 6.8L, 8.1L, 9.0L Tier III
JD2454 John Deere 4.5L Tier IV, Final
JDC2683 John Deere 6.8L
DE8000 John Deere 6.8L  DE Pump Tier II
JD2683 John Deere 6.8L Tier III
JD2684F John Deere 6.8L Tier IV
RE1750 John Deere 7.5L Genesis II
RE1000 John Deere 7.6L, 8.7L   RE P-Pump
JD2810 John Deere 8.1L Tier II
JD2800 John Deere 9.0L Tier III
JD2904 John Deere 9.0L Tier IV
RE1001 John Deere 10.1L Bosche RE Pump
HP9001 John Deere 10.5L, 12.5L
HP9020 John Deere 10.5L, 12.5L
HP9030 John Deere 13.5L Tier III
HP9040 John Deere 13.5L Tier IV, Final
HP9050 John Deere 15.0L Cummins Tier IV, Final
VP3044 John Deere Bosch Fuel Pump VP30, VP44

CAT - Agriculture
Case IH, New Holland
IV3400 Case IH, New Holland 3.4L Iveco Tier IV
IV6645 Case IH, New Holland 4.5L Tier IV
IV6645B Case IH, New Holland 4.5L Tier IV B
CUCR3001 Case IH, New Holland 6.7L Tier III
IV6703 Case IH, New Holland 6.7L Tier III
IV6667 Case IH, New Holland 6.7L Tier IV
IV6670 Case IH, New Holland 6.7L Tier IV
IV6670B Case IH, New Holland 6.7L Tier IV B
IV6705 Case IH, New Holland 6.7L Stage V
IV6078 Case IH, New Holland 7.8L Tier II
CNHCR3000 Case IH, New Holland 8.3L, 9.0L Tier III
CAPS8390 Case IH, New Holland 8.3L, 9.0L Caps Pump
IV6901 Case IH, New Holland 8.7L Tier III
IV6902 Case IH, New Holland 8.7L Tier III
IV6870 Case IH, New Holland 8.7L Tier IV
IV6870B Case IH, New Holland 8.7L Tier IV B
IV6900 Case IH, New Holland 9.0L Tier III
IV6103 Case IH, New Holland 10.3L Tier II
IV6000 Case IH, New Holland 10.3L, 12.9L Tier III, Tier IV
IV6001 Case IH, New Holland 12.9L Tier IV
IV6000B Case IH, New Holland 11.1L, 12.9L, 15.9L Tier IV B
QSX5001 Case IH, New Holland 15.0L QSX
IV6020 Case IH, New Holland 20.0L Tier II

MF - Massey Ferguson
SISU7494 Massey Ferguson 4.9L Tier IV Interim
SISU7366 Massey Ferguson 6.6L Tier III
SISU7066F Massey Ferguson 6.6L Tier IV Final
SISU7000 Massey Ferguson 7.4L, 8.4L Tier III
SISU7011 Massey Ferguson 7.4L, 8.4L Tier III With DEF
SISU7012 Massey Ferguson 7.4L, 8.4L Tier IV Interim
SISU7012F Massey Ferguson 8.4L Tier IV Final
SISU7098 Massey Ferguson 9.8L  7 Cylinder Tier IV & Final
SISU1684 Massey Ferguson 16.8L Tier IV

CU6703 Cummins 6.7L Tier III
CUCR3004 Cummins 6.7L Tier IV
QSL5904 Cummins 8.9L, 9.0L QSL Tier IV
QSL9005 Cummins 9.0L QSL Stage V
QSX5004 Cummins 11.9L
QSX5001 Cummins 15.0L QSX
QSX5004 Cummins 15.0L QSX Tier IV
QSK5192 Cummins 19.0L QSK Tier II

MAH2604 Mahindra 2.6L 3 Cylinder Turbo
MAH2704 Mahindra 2.7L 4 Cylinder NA

MBE4000 Mercedes 12.0L, 12.8L
MBE8502 Mercedes 16.0L V8

MANV1224 MAN 24.2L V12 Tier II

DZZ2904 Deutz 2.9L, 3.6L Interim Tier IV

VO1604 Volvo D13J, D16J

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